Realities 1989

Facts excerpted from the Pulitzer Prize nominated Diet for a New America by John Robbins. Full documentation of every fact is in the book available from EarthSave.

World Hunger

Topsoil Depletion

Rainforest Destruction

Energy, True Cost

Feedlot Sewage


Food Groups

Pesticides, Sterility

Animal Factories


Athletic Performance

Information about the Book

For the complete documentation of all the facts contained in "Realities 1989", read Diet for a New America. Order from EarthSave for $15.70 (including shipping); write for multiple copy discounts. All orders shipped bookrate. Contact EarthSave at:
706 Frederick Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062-2205
(408)423-4069 (?)

Information about Softcopy

Feel free to copy and distribute "Realities 1989". Please copy it in its entirety and, if hardcopy, please be sure that the reproduction is of good quality.

The ASCII version of "Realities" had been copied in its entirety by Carol Hall of Harold Hill, Essex, England and distributed electronically by Ben Leamy ( for the sole purpose of promoting a vegetarian lifestyle by education. Typing errors not found in the original may exist. All standard disclaimers apply. Further distribution in its entirety is encouraged. (Ben 24th July 1991)

Dilip Barman, president of the Triangle Vegetarian Society, found the ASCII version on November 15th, 1995 and converted it to HTML for the Worldwide Web. Enjoy!

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