Dilip's House

Welcome to the page for my house in Durham, NC! I created this on December 7, 1999, minutes after painters finished transforming it from its original tan-brown with blue door and beige trim to a purple house!

The color didn't come out so well in these digital pictures (I'll try to put better quality shots up soon), but the house is a sober grayish-purple (we tried to match Glidden's "Silver Night" but used Sherwin-Williams' new Duration paint which is supposed to last as long as I will own the house), the door a deep eggplant purple (we used Glidden's "Plum Escape"), and for the trim, I had the painters mix a tiny amount of purple in to pure white to dull the white a bit. (You can click on any of these pictures for a larger version.)

First, here is what my house used to look like (spring 1999).

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Created: December 7, 1999
Last updated: December 7, 1999