o My Bike Friday My new bike that I received March 1995!!
o Carolina Tarwheels Home Page
o Bike to Work Day 1998 Press Release I'm past chair of my city's bicycle committee, and we celebrate this event every year (May 19, 1998 this year, and we're celebrating on April 22). Ride your bike to work during May, bike to work month, if you can!
o Bicycle Organizations all over the world
o Nomadic Research Labs Steven Roberts' report from his recumbent bike ... he has been wandering about the U.S. over the past 11 years and 17,000 miles
o Eric and Melissa LeMoine's summer'95 tandem tour Eric, a 3rd/4th grade teacher, and his wife Melissa, are planning a 6- or 7- week tandem tour from Portland to Jasper, Alberta. They are planning on bringing their powerbook, modem, digital camera, and data coupler, and update their web page with text and pictures of how things are going. It should be fun to follow their trip (planned departure date June 27).
o A Great Bicycling Home Page
o List of lots of web bicycle resources from the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
o Trento Bike Pages Information about Europe bike touring
o The Big Ring small list of hyperlinks to bicycle resources
o rec.bicycles archive (gopher)
o rec.bicycles frequently asked questions (ftp)
o Form for Stolen Bike Reporting hopefully this won't see much use...
o Mark Allyn's Touring Bicycle Page
o Human Powered Vehicles and Recumbents
including a link to unicycling information
o Alaska Bicycling frequently asked questions
o A Bicycle Commuter's Guide to the Bay Area of California
o Bicycle Beano has vegetarian bicycling trips in England
o Ultimate Performance National Cycling Camps (UPNCC) For competitive cyclists, this is a bicycle camp hosted by a former US national team member
o Gearhead mountain biking online magazine ... including a great all-inclusive Master Link to great biking resources
o SportShip Just like my Bike Friday, these guys have a suitcase for around $250 that a (full-sized) bike can fit into. The dimensions are 47" long, 30" high, and 10" wide.
o Specialized Bicycle Components New web site in early March 1995 ... they are having a contest giving away a free bike to some lucky web visitor by April 1st!
o Cycle-Logic Canadian bike company selling bikes and accessories (also coming on the web in early March ... is this a new trend?!)
o Spring City Cycles catalog
o FutureCycles they make and sell recumbents and "alternative" bicycles and supplies (U.K.)
o Cycle Path Bike Store "the first bike store on the web" (800)5-CYCLE-9,
o Cyclenet Online Bike Part Ordering (Canadian)
o ImagePlaza Classified Ads has a bicycle section where they will, for $25, scan a picture and place an ad for bicycle or bicycle parts

Note: there is a great "hot showers" list of bicyclists who welcome visiting cyclists to stay overnight. Drop email to or visit the Warm Showers page. Additional email resources include:

  Bicycling Magazine
  Cycling BC   
  Specialized Bicycles
  Specialized Bicycles
  Bike Nashbar 
  Green Gear Cycling
  BikeE Recumbent Bikes   (800)231-3136
  Klein Bicycles
  Jobst Brandt  
  Keith Bontrager
  Sun Rims     
  Vancouver Bicycle Club
  Alaska Bike Adventures
  League Amer.Bicyclists
  Bicycle Fed. of Amer.       ?  phone (202)463-6622 (Pro Bike annual conf.)

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