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Automatic Hypertext Link Typing

James Allan
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval
Department of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003


We present entirely automatic methods for gathering documents for a hypertext, linking the set, and annotating those connections with a description of the type (i.e., nature) of the link. Document linking is based upon high-quality information retrieval techniques developed using the Smart system. We apply an approach inspired by relationship visualization techniques and by graph simplification, to show how to identify automatically tangential, revision, summary, expansion, comparison, contrast, equivalence, and aggregate links.


Link generation, Link types, Information retrieval

Appears in Proceedings of Hypertext '96, the Seventh ACM Conference on Hypertext, pp. 42-52. Copyright © 1996 is held by ACM. See proceedings for restrictions on use.
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