Spend half an hour

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Chatting with IRC

We'll have mIRC running with a "secret" room #DilipsWWWClass

  1. Dismiss the About window (with author's picture)
  2. Specify name, email address, and nickname
  3. Random US DALNet is fine (or choose another server) then connect
  4. Problems with nickname (not unique)? Try /nick newname
  5. /join #DilipsWWWClass (or Commands ... Join Channel) (note name starts with pound sign)
  6. Maximize contained window
  7. Click on 4th icon from left - channels folder (this is based on v 5.4.1)
  8. Chat in our class channel; double click on user name on right to privately chat

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Navigating in Netscape Communicator

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Course Navigation

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