New York Times A-Z WWW Sites, January 3, 1995

In the January 3, 1995 issue of the New York Times Business Section (page C18), 26 WWW sites, representing each of the letters of the alphabet, are listed. Here they are ...

  1. A. Ask the Magic 8-Ball
  2. B. Backcountry (climbers, etc.)
  3. C. Coffee Pot (video cam watches one)
  4. D. Dead, Grateful
  5. E. Estuaries
  6. F. Fedworld
  7. G. Games Domain
  8. H. Horticulture
  9. I. Internet Music Underground
  10. J. Japan
  11. K. Kennedy, Senator Edward M.
  12. L. Legal Beat
  13. M. Museum
  14. N. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  15. O. Our Cancer Year (cancer comic)
  16. P. Pentium Chip
  17. Q. Quirky indeed
  18. R. Rocky Mountain Cyber Mail
  19. S. San Francisco
  20. T. Take the Subway
  21. U. United Nations
  22. V. Virtual Frog Dissection
  23. W. Wine
  24. X. Xerox PARC World Map Viewer
  25. Y. Yahoo News
  26. Z. Zebra Fish
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