My Friends' Web Pages

More and more people are coming online with their own web pages! As I find friends of mine with home pages, I'll list them here.

o Amirthi (also known as Kateri and Mary Anne) Mohanraj. I "met" her when I read a fantastic story that she had written, Season of Marriage.
o Tadamasa Shiraishi. I met Tadamasa around 1988 or so in Boston. We lost touch when he moved back to Japan, but he came back to study for an M.B.A. at Berkeley and in the summer of 1995 found me on the web and came to visit me in North Carolina shortly thereafter!
o Grayson Morris. She has an adorable daughter, Meghan, whom I've had the pleasure of being friends with since she was 2.5 years old. One of my many little friends!
o Gary Klaus. I met Gary through the Triangle Vegetarian Society. I am the president and newsletter editor, and before he moved to Dallas, Gary helped with newsletter layout and its web publication.
o My cousin Neil, who has made me proud to attend my alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. He started creating web pages in his first semester there in 1996, and has pages on desktop publishing and Indian entertainment.
o NEW! - I met Stuti Garg in cyberspace late June 2002 through a common interest in teaching vegan cooking and desire to publish a cookbook.
o NEW! - My work colleague Jill Binder has a web site featuring her poetry and thoughts on life
o NEW! - My work colleague Sujee Sivasubramaniyam. I met Sujee mid-2002 and enjoy the fact that we have common interests in digital photography, bicycling, and live music. His web site includes good annotated information on Bay Area (California) cycling and quite a few of his pictures.
o NEW! - My friend Kathy Marx is an amazing artist who has been painting murals since the early 1980s, and created her home page in mid-2003
o NEW! - I met Kruti and Mehul Desai when they joined Triangle Vegetarian Society in 2003 - their site shows their talent in painting

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Last updated: September 16, 2003