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Seventh ACM Conference on Hypertext

Washington DC, USA, March 16-20, 1996


Online Proceedings

All of the papers presented at the conference are available here online. Several papers are only available in PostScript format; they are prepended with '*PS* '. To save space, these are stored in gzipped format. Most unix systems should be able to uncompress file with the command gzip -d For Windows, OS/2, and DOS users, try the WinZip tool. Elli Mylonas has summarized many of the panel discussions; this is available at her web site.

Spatial Hypertexts

Autonomous Hypertext Systems and Link Discovery

Hypertext Rhetoric and Criticism

Models of Hypermedia Design and Evaluation

Open Hypermedia

Navigation in the World-Wide Web

Systems and Infrastructure


Extending the World-Wide Web

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