Dilip's Perl Project Source Code

Note: details on the system architecture can be found on the system notes page.

To view the HTML that kicks the project off, run the program and in the first screen, view the source HTML. The processing of adding to the database is found in dbAddRecord2.pl.cgi and that of retrieving records is in dbRetrieve2.pl.cgi. dbDeleteRecord2.pl.cgi is called from the retrieve routine if a user decides to delete a record. The small utility dbDeleteRecordDoIt2.pl does the actual deletion.

The original prototype is also available. dbProcessChoice.pl.cgi takes the user input as to whether a record is to be added or material is to be viewed, and dbAddRecord.pl.cgi implements presenting a second form to capture the new data and writing that data to the database. A third module was to be written to retrieve from the database.

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